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Our Mission

Fintech, commercial real estate & risk intelligence combined.


No one dominates the unconquered $3.7tn real estate investing market with Fintech. We will.


Sure, we won't get 100% market share, but can achieve long-term sustainable scalable growth well into the billions.

With our unique advantage of 5 protections & risk intelligence; we're well ahead of the competition to achieve exponential scalable growth over the long-term.


When the competition finally catches up, our scale will protect our position as the market leader. Ultimately, we'll be remembered as the disruptor of real estate finance.


Even better, we're empowering ESG, and achieving Net-Zero.


*We're Fintech solutions, not crypto, nor crowdfunding. We're a Fintech liquidity provider that offers the benfits of crypto, without the drawbacks but with added security and stability.

Our Values:

Profitability from risk intelligence

Beautifully designed around the user

Environmentally & socially sustainable

Providing a valuable need:

Medium- & long-term housing for the millions of UK residents without a suitable home

Revitalizing UK's high streets with our commercial strategies


Andrew & Birdie
Andrew M Bott

Founder & inspiration. Refurbished homes as a teenager, worked in large London commercial real estate. Serial entrepreneur. Real estate finance & crypto from London School of Economics. Winner of prestigious UK real estate investment award

Simon Zutshi
Simon Zutshi

Internationally renowned £m+ real estate strategist and mentor, with 30 years' experience. Simon works with & guides us on all our projects that meet his criteria.

Paul Higgs
Paul Higgs
Site Appraiser & Developer

Paul worked on some of the UK’s largest developments such as the £500m Barnett HQ in West London. With 30+ year's experience, he can identify, appraise and realise the most profitable of sites.

Richard Spencer
Richard Spencer

Every team needs a solicitor, and Richard helps with our option contracts and other legal work required ensuring our portfolios grow without a hitch.

Pardeep Sandhu
Pardeep Sandhu
Commercial Director

15+ years in real estate & 20 years of securing £m contracts with global brands. Solutions focused to always find the ideal win/win outcome for all stakeholders.

Gary Larner
Gary Larner
Tenants / Leasing

2 successful businesses & 10+ years in Estate Agency gaining a rich knowledge in real estate development. His detailed market acumen gives us insights into market trends & needs to best serve our clients & partners.

Ferenc Makra
Ferenc Makra
Due Diligence

UK real estate award winner. Highly passionate about real estate. Our Energizer Bunny that keeps on going evaluating projects effectively to ensure their successful conclusion — even after others have given up.

Naomi Chen

熱衷於風險智能研究並實踐於 5 種保護以趨近零風險。藉由結合金融科技、商業房地產和風險智能,我們處於領先的競爭優勢,將得以實現更國際化且長期的成倍規模化增長

Liang Zhen
梁 甄


How our business works



Fintech products that serve 2 purposes: 1) fractional ownership of prime real estate for retail, HNW & UHNW investors; 2) real estate finance that reduces risk for both lenders and borrowers (Dawnium.io )


Dawnium is neither crypto, nor crowdfunding, but a Fintech liquidity provider. Its high liquidity, stabilty, & global appeal makes insiders call Dawnium: "a billion-dollar solution".

Dawnium D
London 104

London 104

104 fully-self-contained rooms [ensuite, kitchenette] situated halfway between London Heathrow & London's CBD. Ideal for professionals living out of the city needing flexibility for renting in the medium-term closer to the centre.
– GDV £25m

Liverpool 34

A 34-roomed aparthotel in the heart of the cultural centre of Liverpool
– GDV £6.5m

Liverpool 34

4 RE Profits

#1 Refinance

We earn the difference between development finance costs and our Net commercial mortgage amount

#2 Rental income

Collect Net rental income each month


#3 Upsell the tenants

We can run/lease out to laundromats, gyms and/or food outlets on the ground floor to enhance revenues

#4 Sell

Sell in a few years when the market is up


Dawn Heritage

Strategic scalable investing with risk intelligence
Dawn uses 5 protections to safeguard invested capital. Together with our 4 profits, we achieve long-term sustainable growth that overcomes any business cycle.


With our unique 3 stage finance model, only using our own capital exclusively for stage 1, Dawn Heritage enjoys exceptional returns.


Couple this with our Dawnium Fintech liquidity solutions that further mitigate risk & making finance cheaper, both lead to greater profitability over the long-term and takes Dawn Heritage ahead of the competition. Even better, investors also benefit from reducing risk, improving security & higher liquidity.


Our goal is always be risk-free by the time we get our 1st profit. What's better than getting all our capital back, and still receive income for many years to come? By definition, that's a risk-free investment.


Data & analytically driven, from aged 13, Andrew was a paid software developer, so Dawn Heritage uses its own code to data mine the web fast, efficiently & accurately to find lucrative projects that others may find challenging to identify. With Andrew’s personal, empathetic & professional touch, following F1's no blame culture; Dawn is able to secure the most excellent deals.


Other professionals agree. Dawn Heritage's founder Andrew wins a prestigious UK real estate investing award, and is invited to share his success & strategies at the UK's top real estate investing events.


AA Credit Rating

Dawn has undergone thorough credit check, & rated 'AA'

High Investment Value

"Dawn has a very high investment value, compared to similar investments"

Martin S

“I tried everything, but couldn’t sell. In a short time, Andrew fixed my problem. A huge burden lifted, so now I can move on.”

LSE Real Estate

London School of Economic's
Real Estate Finance

LSE Disruptive

London School of Economic's
Disruptive Tokenomics

pin Top Performer

Prestigeous UK real estate investor award

Development Insider

Very intensive, officially recognised real estate development program

Panel Guest

Dawn's innovative apporach, and growth leads to many presenting engagements


Property dragons agree that Andrew is investible

Sylvain C

“I appreciate your efforts in this project. The project would have not existed without them.”

Paul T

“It is really a pleasure to work with you. You are always on top of the issues.”

Dave P

“It’s good to be working with you again on a project. I know with you, it is done right.”


Top 5 Investor

Andrew is the highest performing investor & won a top 5 investor award from Simon Zutshi's prestigious real estate investor network in 2019

Securing £1.4m Funding on TV

Andrew went on Property Elevator -- Sky TV's show similar to Dragons Den & Shark Tank that specialises in real estate investment. Andrew successfully won £1,400,000 funding for his GDV £2,100,000 project in London.

Andrew is Investable

5 successful multi-millionaire property angels all agree that Andrew & Dawn are very investable

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Disclaimer: All comments are of a general nature only, and not to be considered as advice, especially financial advice. Any information provided does not and cannot ever take in to account the particular financial situation, objectives or real estate investment needs of either you or anyone reading this information. Additionally, real estate investments and real estate prices may go down as well as up. Past performance does not guarantee future performance. Dawn thoroughly recommends doing your own due diligence and getting independent advice.